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I create websites

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What I do?

I am Web Designer and Web Developer - both Front End and Back End. I like to create new projects for myself or my clients. I like to learn new technologies and tools to develop my skills. If you like you can see my few projects here. Besides creating websites my passion is photography, filmmaking and movies.

Web Designer

I like simple, clean web design with friendly userface. If you like design like this page you probably likes my other designs.

Web Developer

I am making websites from scratch that are suited for client. I made my own CMS, basic CSS framework and other tools which I use to create almost every website I make. I use it on this one too.

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nimateA, textMask, perspective and icon set

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I used Damian's services when I was self-employed delivering websites and related services to my clients. I hired Damian to help me with graphic design and front-end development. Damian was always highly reliable, had good ideas and delivered timely solutions that both my clients and I were happy with. If he didn't have capacity to take on work he would say so up front - I greatly appreciated this approach so I could plan work accordingly and avoid unexpected delays. I happily recommend Damian to anyone else who needs similar services.

Ben Szymanski, Whiteland Ltd

We recommend Damian Hetman for graphics designs, prints jobs and creating websites. We confirm high quality of services provided by Damian Hetman, reliability and organisation skills.

Senator Marek Borowski's Office

We hightly recommend Damian Hetman as web designer and web developer. Especiaily his creativity in designing process and full support with implementation new features on our website. We also apreciate simplicity of his projects.